In order to jointly discuss and share the development of the theory and practice of modern management driven by operations research and continuous service innovation, and promote the exchange and cooperation between relevant personnel, The 13th International Conference on Advanced Management Science (ICAMS2022) hosted by International Association of Management Science & Engineering Technology (IAMSET) will be held in Beijing, China on August 11-12, 2022.
    The theme of this conference is "Operations Research and Management Science". The conference will focus on the application of operations research in management science, with mathematical programming, applied probability, production and operation management, and application research of operations research in modern management. Discussion points. The conference will also collect relevant scientific research papers to be published free of charge by international English journals, and excellent papers will be selected for SCI and EI indexed journals for priority publication. The majority of scientific researchers, engineering and technical personnel and business representatives are sincerely invited to actively participate and submit papers.

Topics of the conference include but are not limited to the following:

Operations Research & Management Science
  • ● Management Theory and Practice
  • ● Supply Chain
  • ● Social Responsibility of Major Projects
  • ● Blockchain
  • ● Decision Analysis and Combat Model
  • ● Operation Management
  • ● Machine Time Management
  • ● Staff Mental Health
  • ● Risk Management of COVID-19
  • ● Intelligent Operation Management

Logistics Engineering
  • ● Dynamic Logistics System
  • ● Optimal Allocation of Resources
  • ● Control of Logistics Operation Process
  • ● Packaging Engineering
  • ● Storage Project
  • ● Transportation Engineering
  • ● Supply Chain Engineering
  • ● Logistics Information Network Engineering
  • ● Logistics Automation

Information Systems
  • ● Big Data Research and Data Analysis
  • ● E-commerce
  • ● Production Planning and Scheduling
  • ● Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • ● Acceptance and Dissemination of New Technologies
  • ● Marketing of Industrial Products
  • ● Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  • ● Green Information System
  • ● Information System Strategy
  • ● Innovation Management
  • ● Social Media In the Enterprise Internet Industry
  • ● Self-organizing Network Architecture
  • ● Transport Layer Protocol
  • ● Cross-layer Interaction
  • ● Scalability Issues
  • ● Low Power Consumption and Energy Saving Design


Important Dates

Conference Registration:
Aug. 8, 2022
Conference Date:
Aug. 11-12, 2022
Registeration Deadline:
Aug. 8, 2022


2193740025 (Mrs.Wang)
19139855788 (Mrs.Wang)

Submission Method

Submission Email: icams@iamset.org
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